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By challenging the status quo and using an innovative approach, we strive to provide solutions that are functional, scalable and internally maintainable once handed over to Line of business users.

Life Assurance policy administration

Ekusure is a cloud based policy administration solution developed specifically for the African market and micro insurance economy. Ekusure is the latest solution for Underwriters, Funeral undertakers, Brokers, Groups and business partners to  control all their policy administration requirements centrally while giving distributed access to sales and service agents.

Membership administration

Ekulink is a multi-tenant membership administration solution enabling membership agencies to take control of membership collections and 3rd party payments. Specifically targeted at Unions and Church groups , the solution provides visibility of all relevant member management actions while automating processes to save time and money.

Digitalise paper based forms

QRForms is an innovative electronic form solutions designed to streamline data collection, enhance your data management and improve data quality while enables offsite data capturing. QRForms is designed to seamlessly embed into your existing business processes while integrating the data into your back-end systems.

B2B Data Integration 

OrangeKnect is a web based enterprise-class data integration solution that is designed to integrate ANY APPLICATION with ANY DATA at ANY LOCATION. It offers powerful, yet easy-to-use Integration functions that are ideal for organizations that want to automate the handling, processing and direct integration of data to the B2B market.

Mobile form collection 

Geniforms is a mobile application which enables field workers to submit forms and data realtime or in offline mode. Easy drag and drop features enables you to design your own form or workflow in minutes. Geniforms can be rolled out to your field agents within minutes with limited training requirements. 

Mobile app for end users

Pamwezo is a mobile app for end users to keep all their policies and communication in the palm of their hand. Pamwezo can be customized to be used as a springboard app for insurers to provide their policy holders with a branded mobile app.

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