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We are passionate about innovative processes and solutions and we understand that technology is only a part of the answer. At Net2Africa we enjoy the challenge of investigating new technologies and new ways of doing business to strategically execute whatever IT challenge our customers are faced with. We take a 360 view on your digital strategies and ensure alignment and integration between optimization of business processes, technologies and applications.

Intuitive web and mobile applications with a core focus on usability and quick delivery into the business environment

Technology should help people in their everyday life and make it easier. The applications we create for our customers in the Insurance and Financial services domain are examples for this motivation. Open technologies and open industry standards guarantee the longevity and flexibility of our solutions. We always work close to our customers and provide functional software as early as possible. Attractive and convenient user interfaces increase the acceptance and efficient utilization of our applications. We don't think that there is only one technology to build everything. Each individual problem needs an appropriate consideration.


Web, Predictive Web, Touch and mobile application development (iOS, Android, Windoes Mobile & Blackberry).

SAAS and Cloud delivery models.

.NET, ASP, JAVA, HTML5,Silverlight and Delphi Technologies .

DevExpress and Ironspeed RAD development.

MS SQL development.

Specialists in integration of processes and data services to ensure automation and process efficiency through webservices and xml integration architecture

Net2Africa offers full suite of implementation services to help our customers quickly and effectively deploy integration solutions based on their available products and solutions. Our consulting team combines its in-depth knowledge of the xml and webservices technology with business process integration best practices across the project lifecycle to accelerate return on investment (ROI) for its customers.

While the forte of Net2Africa is its simplicity and ease of use, consulting services are often requested by customers especially for the initial deployment and implementation of the first project. These services are by no means a necessity and sometimes a training session for skilled IT staff is enough for them to get started and successfully utilize the products. These implementation services are especially useful if the customer requirements are complex, or the project needs to meet tight timelines or the customer organization's IT team is busy with other priorities or has a gap in its skill-set.




XML Toolchain

Providers of technology consulting to ensure alignment between solution, applied technologies and strategic objectives of your organisation

Net2Africa consulting services are offered through our dedicated staff or partners. Our consultants are deeply familiar with our products and different technologies . In most cases, these consultants have worked as engineers on developing, testing or in business as users. They also have extensive experience in working on many different implementation projects of varying complexity in a diverse set of industries. We work closely with customers across the complete project lifecycle while employing proven best practices.

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